About Me

My journey to becoming a counsellor started with my own experience as a client. As I worked through my own trauma, and deep emotional wounds I realised how beneficial and life changing therapy can be. This inspired me to train as a therapist in the hope that I can offer to others the life changing benefits of therapy that I discovered.

In the years since I have supported clients as a counsellor at Kinergy, a charity supporting survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual violence. Later taking on a role alongside this with the University of Bristol supporting students who have experienced rape and / or sexual assault. Then in 2019 I set up in private practice.

I feel that throughout my own personal journey, and my journey as a therapist I have developed a deep understanding of the impact of trauma, and have developed a great level of empathy. I also understand how challenging it can be to reach out for support. However I also have the joy of experiencing first-hand the life changing impact of therapy.